Apex Court orders FBR to furnish details regarding loss of revenue due

Apex Court orders FBR to furnish details regarding loss of revenue due to negligence of officials

KARACHI: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has expressed dissatisfaction over the report presented by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) regarding details of cases Board lost due to negligence of officers/officials. The Court has ordered the Board to submit the properly prepared report within a month.

According to details of the case, Apex Court had observed with grave concern that a huge number of FBR's cases were decided at various forums namely Tribunals, High Courts, the Supreme Court and even by the Civil Courts against FBR and its field formations on account of serious defaults such as non-prosecution, time-barred filing of eases, non-compliance of courts' orders etc., which caused huge loss of revenue to the government.

Apex Court had directed the FBR to submit a detailed report identifying each of FBR case having been dismissed on account of negligence on the part of FBR officers/officials/legal advisors along with details of the action such as criminal proseedings, disciplinary action, recovery of lost government revenue etc., taken against the officers/officials/ legal advisors responsible for such serious lapses.

The FBR submitted a report before the Court, which the Court has rejected and advised a properly prepared report in this regard within a month.

It was learnt that all the formations of Customs and Inland Revenue Service are preparing the details ordered by the Supreme Court.

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