Customs I&I seizes smuggled cars, FIRs lodged

Customs I&I seizes smuggled cars, FIRs lodged

KARACHI: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation (ASO) has seized five smuggled vehicles, which were plying on the roads affixed with fake and tempered registration number plates. FIRs has been lodged against the accused and further investigations are underway.

According to details, Director Asif Marghoob Siddiqui had the information that certain non-duty-paid and smuggled vehicles with dummy registration plates were plying on roads of Karachi.

In pursuance of the information, teams of ASO officials were constituted to intercept the smuggled vehicles. Subsequently, these vehicles were intercepted, but the driver/owner of said vehicles could not provide the legal import documents.

The vehicles were detained for verification of their legitimate importation and payment of duty and taxes thereof. The Motor Registration Authority Karachi was also approached in this regard. Furthermore, the forensic examination of the vehicles confirmed that the vehicles were carrying fake/tempered registration and chassis number. Hence, it was confirmed that these vehicles were smuggled and non-duty paid.

The value of the seized vehicles come to Rs11.7 million. these vehicles include a Toyota Crown car in the possession of Muhammad Saad, a Suzuki Jimmy Jeep in the possession of Abdul Sami Munim, a Toyota Crown car in possession of Imran Mehmood, a Toyota Prado in possession of Khurram Shahzad and a Toyota Crown car in the possession of Dildar Ali.

Notices have been served on the claimants/owners of these vehicles and FIRs have been accordingly lodged.

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