SHC to hear acquittal plea in mis-declaration case

KARACHI: Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro of High Court of Sindh (SHC) will hear a plea of acquittal filed by Kashif Iqbal of Astro Power Systems, Private, Limited on Tuesday.

According to the appellant who filed a Special Criminal Reference application impugning an order passed by the Customs Appellate Tribunal which dismissed an application filed by applicant/accused who filed a mis-declaration showing a 800 MV power plant to be half in size and yet more efficient.

The accused/appellant filed GD at a value of rupees 1096564 carrying custom duty and taxes worth rupees 5,103, 416 million. The value ascertained by the respondent officials was Rs 59,740,316  with custom and duty worth rupees 22,236,365.

Finding the huge gap between the value and duties, a contravention report was made and applicant/accused was booked in a criminal case while instant appeal seeks acquittal from the same. The trial court has already rejected the acquittal plea moved under section 265-K of Cr.P.C.

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