Crackdown in the offing against corrupt elements in judiciary

Crackdown in the offing against corrupt elements in judiciary

KARACHI: It seems that the bureaucracy and the judiciary are the next in line to face the music and pay for their wrong doings. The arrest of Finance Secretary Mushtaq Raeesani and recovery of huge amount of money and gold from his possession hints that no one is going to be spared.

It is heartening to note that leading sensitive agencies in the country are on the same page on a larger agenda of purging the homeland of corrupt.

It is believed that the intelligence outfits are totally assisting and supporting the investigation agencies within the country. Reports regarding elements with questionable reputation and assets far beyond their means are being forwarded to investigation outfits as well as law enforcement agencies resulting in action.

Military leadership as well as PML-N leadership have developed synergies, which is evident from the economic progress, improving law & order situation and crackdown against the corrupt elements, even the military officers which were considered untouchables have been stripped of their titles.

Senior bureaucrats, officers and engineers of Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA), high net worth individuals and business groups are being monitored and their affairs are being scrutinized. Evidence has been collected and raids are being conducted.

It is reported that judiciary including judges and lawyers have also been sorted out and it is hoped that action would be initiated against them soon. Several judges misusing their offices for the their own good  and for their family members are being closely watched and reports have been prepared.

Several judges who have formed their law forms and taking undue benefits and earning clients for obvious reasons are on the lists. Concrete evidence is being compiled against these handful judges and soon they would be brought to justice.

It is believed that influential including senior government officers, businessmen and others are circulating the money earned through dirty businesses and enabling funding to terrorists and anti-social elements, while certain quarters in the judiciary are protecting these elements. It is no secret that country’s judiciary is one of the most corrupt institutions in Pakistan.

The military leadership and political government are committed to make Pakistan a prosperous nation and successful completion of China Pakistan Economic corridor is the top priority. Obviously, the foreign hands are not happy with this scenario and they are moving their puppets in Pakistan.

The protests and agitations by several political groups creating hurdles in the way of development and anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, anti-smuggling campaigns can be the part of this agenda of foreign powers.

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