AFU recovers Rs19 million from M/s Air Indus

AFU recovers Rs19 million from M/s Air Indus

KARACHI: MCC Preventive Air Freight Unit (AFU) has recovered Rs19 million of duty and taxes outstanding against M/s Air Indus and let the Boeing-737 return, which was under Customs custody since March 2016.

M/s Air Indus had brought the said aircraft on lease (temporary) import in November 2014. The company had defaulted the payment of duty and taxes since November 2014 till June 30, 2015. M/s Air Indus went out of business since the terrorist attack on Karachi airport.

It was known that the shipper of the said aircraft enabled M/s Air Indus to make the payments so that their aircraft could be released.

Additional Collector Asad Raza Rizvi and Assistant Collector Raza Naqvi pursued the case and affected the recovery.

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