Customs values of toiletries revised

KARACHI: Director Customs Valuation Karachi, Dr. Wasif Ali Memon has revised the Customs values of face powder, face and skin cream/lotion, tooth paste, after shave, shaving cream/gel/foam, soaps in other forms and facial wash vide Valuation Ruling No.848/2016.

Customs values of Face Powder, Face and Skin Creams/Lotions, Tooth Paste, After Shave, Shaving Cream/Gel/Foam, Soap in other Forms and Facial Wash were earlier determined through Valuation Ruling No.813/2016.

There were number of review petitions filed by importers against the said ruling. Since 90 days have passed and a number of representations were received from commercial importers and multi-national companies regarding values determined in the valuation ruling, hence an exercise was initiated to re-determine the values of subject items.

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