FBR likely to notify up-gradation of Senior Auditors Officers,BPS 18

FBR likely to notify up-gradation of Senior Auditors as Audit Officers, BPS 18

KARACHI: About 325 Senior Auditors (BPS 16) of Inland Revenue (IR) are poised to be notified as Audit Officers (BPS 18) as Supreme Court upholds a LHC order in an up-gradation case.

FBR is likely to issue a notification in next few days in view of the order of the apex court. Earlier a full bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan comprising Justice Amir Hani Muslim, Justice Mushir Alam and Justice Maqbool Baqar dismissed a civil leave to appeal filed by Chief Commissioner, Inland Revenue against a judgment by Lahore High Court. A second notification containing the details of functions, powers of the IRAO’s is likely to follow. Presently they are under the Assistant/Deputy Commissioner who is in BPS 17 and after up-gradation they would become senior by grade and an anomaly is likely to arise. A similar confusion is in place after up-gradation of Principal Appraisers from BPS 16 to BPS 17 in Pakistan Custom Group after which confusion still prevails about hierarchy/seniority. The Principal Appraisers are appealing to the FBR to take a clear policy decision.

The LHC bench allowed the petition filed by Muhammad Afzal Khan and others seeking up-gradation of the post of "Senior Auditor" to "Inland Revenue Audit Officer". The earlier post was in BPS 16 and new post is of BPS 18. Because of the judgment, Auditors of IR will have the equal status as enjoyed by Audit Officers of Controller General Accounts, Accountant General Punjab and Accountant General Pakistan Revenue.

The apex court reiterated the principle that civil servants having similar job description or identical nature of job shall be treated at par and any benefit extended to one shall apply to other civil servants too.

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