SHC disposes of petitions in Oil and Tanker confiscation cases

KARACHI: A divisional bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan on Wednesday disposed of two identical petitions seeking release of Oil and Oil Tanker.

The bench earlier heard counsel for petitioners Arab Filing Station and  Khuda Raham against Collector Customs, Hyderabad and Collector Custom (Adjudication), Quetta. Who submitted that despite bills of purchase, the oil and tanker were confiscated being dubbed as smuggled oil and tanker as involved in smuggling activity.

The petitioner further stated that Special Customs Appellate Tribunal has also ruled in their favor.

Masooda Siraj advocate, counsel for Customs department submitted that she would be filing Special Custom Reference Applications (SCRA’s) impugning the order of the tribunal.

The bench disposed of the two petitions directing the Customs counsel to file the SCRA and seek orders in 4 weeks time. In case of failure, Customs was directed to release the oil and oil tanker both.

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