PCA detects import of banned polished granite slabs

KARACHI: The Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Karachi has served an Audit Observation on M/s Popular Marble Industries to clarify their positions as import and clearance of polished granite slabs from India has been detected; while these goods are prohibited to be imported from India as per Import Policy Order.

According to details, during the audit of import data of ‘polished granite slabs’ falling under PCT heading 6802.2300 and 6802.9300, it has been observed that Granite in the form of building stones and articles, simply cut or sawn, with a flat or even surface is classifiable under PCT Heading 6802.2300 while in polished form it falls under PCT Heading 6802.9300.

The structure of duty/taxes for both the headings is same. However, as per Import Policy Order, 2013, polished granite classifiable under PCT heading 6802.9300 is not importable from India.

M/s Popular Marble Industries has imported 52 consignments from India declared to contain ‘polished granite slabs’ correctly classifiable under PCT heading 6802.9300, and cleared the same from MCC PaCCS Karachi, MCC Appraisement (East) and MCC Appraisement (West) Karachi.

M/s. Popular Marble Industries with the active connivance of their Clearing Agent M/s SAS Agencies have cleared the goods banned as per Import Policy Order, 2013.

PCA has found these goods were cleared through misdeclaring the goods by the importer under PCT Heading 6802.2300. In some cases where the goods were correctly declared by the importer under PCT Heading 6802.9300, the assessment group changed the PCT heading to 6802.2300 which is not hit by the Import Policy restrictions and cleared the goods. In few, cases, the goods were declared by the importer under PCT heading 6802.9300 but still these were cleared without considering the fact that the Indian origin goods imported under this PCT Heading are not importable into Pakistan.

Scrutiny of import data of M/s Popular Marble Industries since 2012, found that with the active connivance of their clearing agents M/s SAS Agencies has deliberately and willfully committed an offence. The total import value of the goods thus, cleared illegally comes to Rs37.545 million.

Deputy Director Rashid Munir served an Audit Observation on M/s. Popular Marble Industries and contravention in this regard is being prepared.

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