Appraisement East blocks diplomatic consignment of liquor for mis-declaration

Appraisement East blocks diplomatic consignment of liquor for mis-declaration

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has blocked a Goods Declaration of a diplomatic consignment of liquor as it container excess liquor than the allotted quota.

The diplomatic consignment arrived for North Korean Embassy declared to be containing 445 cartons of liquor.

On the information of a sensitive agency, MCC Appraisement East examined the consignment and found the container to be stuffed with a total of 855 cartons including 600 cartons of Botel Schroder Schuyler, 50 cartons of Corono, 50 cartons of Heinek, 15 cartons of Henkell and 140 cartons of CH Rousseau.

The consignment has been blocked, however Customs officials refused to make any comment in this regard.

Customs has always been taking measures to curb smuggling of liquor in the garb of diplomatic consignments.  Few years back, Customs authorities blocked and examined diplomatic consignments of the consulates and embassies of various countries including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan etc. and found liquor in excess of the quota.

Although Customs had all the evidence of misdeclaration and importing goods in excess of quota but none action could be taken, but these elements are very well connected and they got their quota extended by the Ministry of Affairs every time they got caught.

It is interesting to note that most of the liquor is imported by the diplomatic missions of Islamic countries.

An official said the said consignment of North Korea would be released in a week as the quota would be extended.

It has been known that a particular cartel is involved in smuggling of liquor and they have the User IDs of different diplomatic missions, which they use for their dirty business. This cartel includes a former general manager of a five star hotel and several clearing agents.

It may be mentioned here that clearing agent M/s Furqan International  had filed the GD.  There are two clearing agents registered in the name of M/s Furqan International, one having Challan No.2230 and other having challan No.2760.

M/s Furqan International Challan No.2230 having phone No. 111-111-550, 021-35838599, 021-35838699. These phone numbers are registered in the name of bonded carrier M/s Water Link. The fax number 021-35838688 is registered in the name of one Jalal Khan. All these numbers are out of service.

M/s Furqan International Challan No.2760 having phone No. 021-32420846, which is also out of service. However, Furqan Ahmed was contacted at 0300-2193234. He said that his agency had nothing to do with this diplomatic consignment of liquor. He said that when he gave examination of customs clearing license but he was not told by the authorities that another M/s Furqan International already existed and issued the license in the same name and title.

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