KARACHI: The MCC Exports has proposed that DTRE facility may be extended to the vending industry as well because an exporter can get his goods manufactured from any person anywhere in the country.

There had been opposition to allow the facility of DTRE to the vendors as it was grossly misused in past and hence it was withdrawn in Finance Bill 2005-06.

However, Collector Exports Saifuddin Junejo favored to re-allow the facility of vendors as it is discriminatory to allow DTRE facility to only those exporters who have end to end facility to meet their export orders.

Moreover, the permission for availing the facility of vendors to give a very positive impetus to local industry, which create job opportunities for the teaming youth of the country.

MCC Exports is of the view that DTRE users will be having a broad spectrum of options to honor all such orders which they could meet with the help of vending industry.

However, it should be made mandatory by the exporter to give full details of the vendor whose such job assignment would be sourced out  coupled with certain security instruments may be ensured to be submitted so as to circumvent any possibility of misuse of the facility.