Continuity of Raheel Sharif as COAS critical for country: Nation

Continuity of Raheel Sharif as COAS critical for country: Nation

KARACHI: The sacking of 11 officers of Pakistan Army on corruption charges  sent a clear and strong message to all power sharing quarters of the country that "Men in Uniform" are not ready to tolerate corrupt and corruption even of lesser magnitude.

The will to make Pakistan "Corruption Free" state came when it was dawned upon the saviors of the country that corruption is behind all the ills.

The fear of accountability transcended the frontiers of Pakistan as Indian government, politicians and so called vibrant independent media suddenly turned to malign Pakistan’s top General, General Raheel Sharif.  Some documentaries and funny video clips on social media web sites shared by million depict General Raheel Sharif as "devil" who is pestering Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi working for peace between the two old enemies.

Serious talk shows with guests from Pakistani Balochistan,  little known so called separatists maligning the Pakistani forces which have successfully busted a conspiracy to harm China Pakistan Economic Corridor when Kulbushan Jhadav, an active service Indian spy was arrested and later lead to the arrest of men in his network from different parts of Pakistan.

The anti Pakistan elements were visibly disturbed over the choking of all smuggling point which were also points of infiltration of  terrorists on pay roll of different agencies including Afghan KHAD and Indian RAW. The steps to stop smuggling of arms also harmed the future terrorism plans of these countries and their spies.

The cleansing of north western areas of Pakistan in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Karachi operation returning peace and normalcy to biggest city of Pakistan exhibits the will of the valiant forces to rid the country of all menaces and to usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in the country.

This all was achieved undoubtedly under the dynamic leadership of General Raheel Sharif who from the day one as Chief of Army Staff took upon his shoulders the responsibility to steer the country and the nation out of crises such as sinking economy, shrinking writ of the government and increasing  lawlessness coupled with unabated acts of terrors like Army Public School tragedy, attacks on major installations.

General Raheel Sharif leading from the front focused more on Balochistan, using FC he stopped the earnings through smuggling that were used for funding terrorists and terrorism, gave Balochistan its due political weight-age and provincial independence making the Baloch feel that Balochistan belong to Baloch people.

In Karachi and Sindh killer group of Awami National Party, Lyari Gang War and Mutahidda Qaumi Movement were neutralized and now under Zarb-e-Ahan in Punjab ended a state within state established by gangs of dacoit .

These successes were minutely monitored by the common Pakistani who not only witnesses but experiences the change in situation particularly Karachi. The increasing commercial and industrial activity is acknowledged by all and that is behind the rallies demanding  extension into tenure of General Raheel Sharif. Everyone wants continuity of the action against corruption, terrorism, lawlessness, respect for law, supremacy of laws and judiciary.

The developments in recent time in the aftermath of Panama Leaks increased the concern of Pakistani’s with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appearing on State Run Television thrice in just a month. Tainted with having money stacked in offshore companies, Nawaz Sharif  is passing through most difficult time of his political career. He has a history of benefitting from  SRO’s saving millions in taxes and duties against imports for "Ittefaq Foundaries",  pampered by rulers like Late Zia-ul-Haq his hollow claims of sacrifices for Democracy and making Pakistan prosperous by inviting other while investing his own fortune abroad exposes him to "across the board accountability" as expressed by the military leadership. The political parties and forces are uniting against Nawaz Sharif except PPPP which is also facing identical allegations of having economic interests outside Pakistan and its dozens of leaders in custody of Pakistan Rangers on charges of corruption, facilitating terrorists etc.

Yet Nawaz Sharif as his 3rd tenure as Prime Minister has time to show political maturity, show that he and his government, cabinet and party favors and back the efforts by General Raheel Sharif to make Pakistan a Corruption Free state. The political leadership shall consider even requesting the brave General to accept an extension and continue his tirade against terrorism, corruption and other vices in Pakistani society.

At a time when political elites cannot be considered sincere to the country, General Raheel Sharif seems to be a ray of hope and his continuance as Army chief is undoubtedly the wish of the people of Pakistan.

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