Pakistan Customs file Written Statement in Prime Movers case

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs, Model Customs Collectorate, Port Muhammad  Bin Qasim on Wednesday submitted a written statement in a case of Prime Movers.

The case pertains to import of 18 consignments by Nadeem Marwat. The plaintiffs filed the declaration claiming the import of Prime Movers but on inspection it was found that these were old and used truck of Nissan and Hino. To deceive the custom officials, a plate was welded increasing the length and showing the consignment to be prime mover. Prime Movers carry a duty and taxes at a rate of 15 per cent while the truck have a duty of 30 per cent.

It is a case of mis-declaration and after unearthing the fraud, a show cause notice has been issued to the importer/plaintiff, Customs maintained in the their written statement.

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