Customs adjudication penalizes M/s GMSA Industries

Customs adjudication penalizes M/s GMSA Industries

KARACHI: Collector of Customs Adjudication Chaudry Mohammad Javaid has penalized silicone bottle importer and the clearing agent for evading government’s legitimate revenue by mis-declaring the value of imported goods.

Collector Adjudication has imposed a penalty of Rs3.0 million on importer M/s GMSA Industries (Pvt) Ltd and a penalty of Rs0.5 million on clearing agent M/s Dewan Associates for defrauding the exchequer.

According to details, in pursuance of complaint made by M/s Harris Silicone & Glass (Pvt) Ltd and a case already made out by MCC Appraisement (East) (R&D Section) in respect of 10 Goods Declaration pertaining to M/s GMSA Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Faisalabad filed for the import of empty silicone bottles classifiable under PCT heading 3923.3010 which have been assessed at under invoiced/lower value between the range of $1.02/Kg to $1.50 /Kg.

The GDs and data have been scrutinized which transpired that the aforesaid goods were required to be assessed at $3.0/Kg. The contravention established M/s GMSA Industries (Pvt) Ltd with their clearing agent deliberately mis-declared the value of empty silicone bottles grossly and under invoiced them willfully with malafide intention and have attempted to defraud the government from its legitimate revenue amounting to Rs16.35 as the value of offending goods comes to Rs58.87 million.

After hearing in detail and perusal of facts, the Collector Adjudication Chaudry Mohammad Javaid ordered the importer M/s GMSA Industries to pay the evaded amount of Rs16.35 million and also imposed a penalty of Rs3.0 million. Clearing agent M/s Dewan Associates is imposed a penalty of Rs0.5 million.

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