Mobile phones stolen from ASO, thief arrested

Mobile phones stolen from ASO, thief arrested

KARACHI: A number of mobile phones and tablets have been stolen from the office of Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Karachi.

According to an FIR lodged with Tipu Sultan Police Station lodged by ASO Inspector Ameen that some unidentified thieves/thief broke into the office premises and stole 55 Samsung used mobiles, four Ipad mini made in China and six new Samsung mobiles. Tipu Sultan Police has lodged the FIR and initiated investigations.

Police has arrested the thief namely Adil and recovered the stolen goods. The accused was a ‘lappu’ and was associated with Akmal Hasmi, Pervez Zardari and Mulla Aslam of I&I-Customs. After Imtiaz Ahmed Khan assumed as Director General, the above mentioned officials were transferred. Haji Aslam and Pervez Zardari were posted in Sukkur and Akmal Hashmi was sent to Hyderabad.

However, after two months, Zardari and Hashmi were posted back at ASO in Karachi while Haji Aslam was sent to Customs Intelligence Gwadar.

As soon as Akmal Hasmi returned his old associates came back and the arrested person is of these private associates of Zardari, Hasmi and Haji Aslam.

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