Exporter, clearing agent penalized for attempting to exporting poppy seed

KARACHI: Collector Customs Adjudication Chaudry Mohammad Javaid has charged owners/directors of M/s Shah Plastic Industry, M/s Deejays Connection-II for attempting to export poppy seed in the garb of sea salt through mis-declaration, fiscal fraud and smuggling of restricted item.

Collector Adjudication has ordered to out rightly confiscate the poppy seed worth Rs8.17 million for not being exportable. Penalty has also been imposed on Asif Malik and Syed Hassan Ali of M/s Shah Plastic Industry Muhammad Hafeez and Tanseer Ahmed Dar of M/s Deejays Connection-II and Sarfaraz Veerani.

Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation Customs Enforcement had the information that some exporter would attempt to export huge quantity of poppy seed to Malaysia in the garb of sea salt. Container GD filed by M/s Shah Plastic Industry through their clearing agent M/s Deejays Connection-II consigned to M/s Ansasa Trading Malaysia were located and detained at QICT. The GD had been allowed for shipment through Green Channel of WeBOC, which was blocked online.

Upon examination the goods were found to be 34050 Kgs of poppy seed, the market value of which comes to Rs8.17 million. Other goods found in the consignment were 17000 Kgs of sea salt valuing Rs215,900 against the declared 51000 Kgs of sea salt valuing Rs647700.

Poppy seed is not permissible for export, which was being exported in the garb of seal salt through mis-declaration of description and classification. The consignment was seized.

After hearing both the sides in detail and perusing the facts, the Collector Adjudication Chaudry Mohammad Javaid held the charges established and ordered confiscation of the poppy seed along with penalty imposed on exporter M/s Shah Plastic Industry and clearing agent M/s Deejays Connection-II and Sarfaraz Veerani.

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