PCAOA seeks time slot to meet chairman FBR

PCAOA seeks time slot to meet chairman FBR

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs Appraisement Officer's Association (PCAOA) has approached Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) seeking time slot to meet Pakistan appraisement officer's association for redressing their grievances relating to promotion policy of appraisers and principal appraisers.

Pakistan Customs Appraisement Officer's Association (PCAOA) places its compliments to the Chairman Federal Board of Revenue for his dedicated and indefatigable efforts towards revenue generation, betterment of the organization and resolving the grievances of its employees. Undoubtedly these efforts are contributing towards performance of the FBR on daily basis.

Recently, the Federal Government has upgraded the post of Principal Appraisers from BS 16 to BS 17 with extraneous conditions which has stalled career progression of non cadre executive officers like Appraisers and Principal Appraisers

The Association is desirous to represent their case before Chairman Nisar Mohammad Khan with fruitful, logical and lawful suggestions to address the grievances of the officers and seek your precious time slot for meeting on the cited issue at the possible earliest.

It may be mentioned here that the role of Principal Appraiser has been eliminated. Principal Appraiser is a very senior and experience official but they had no jurisdiction and authorities. Their role in examination and out of charge has been eliminated and only review cases are referred to them by the appraisers.

Principal Appraiser have spent all their lives in Customs therefore they should be upgraded to the rank of Assistant Collector like India.

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