WeBOC shuts down again

WeBOC shuts down again

KARACHI: The Customs Computerized Clearing System (WeBOC) shut down throughout the country on Saturday stopping all the imports clearance. This is the second shutdown in 30 days.

Sources said the incident primarily occurred as the storage hard discs were not replaced after completion of warranty life. The entire Storage Area Network (SAN) shut down suspending all WeBOC operations. There has been no clearance of imported consignments through WeBOC.

It is interesting to note that PRAL officials including manager systems, manager infrastructure and manager network are absent and there is no coordination between PRAL officials and Customs staff.

However, some staff of PRAL of operations, development and designs have arrived to assist Customs in sorting out the issue.

Sources said the Project Director WeBOC had sent around six reminders to the Information Management System (IMS) Department, Islamabad as well as Network & Structure Team in Islamabad mentioning the state of equipment and requested immediate replacement of equipment.

The storage of images of the WeBOC system stopped operating declining access to any of the images including documents filed by the importers, images of important documents such as FTA, SROs etc.

All the perishable goods such as medicines, vaccines etc processed through Immediate Clearance Goods (ICG) at all the airports could also not be cleared and the same were stored at sheds on the airport.

Just the consignments processed through the Green Channel were cleared while the consignments through Yellow and Red Channel were not processed. Only 30 percent of consignments are cleared through the green channel.

customnews.pk learnt that WeBOC’s Storage Area Network consists of 10 hard discs, of which two hard discs shutdown last month, while two more shutdown on Saturday.

It was found that the warranty of the equipment expired last year while a support & maintenance contract with IBM ended about 5 months ago, which was not renewed as then Chief PRAL Ms. Rana did not considered it important.

Given the state of equipment and concerned authorities’ towards this important issue, the entire WeBOC system is feared to collapse anytime.

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