PCS officers awarded minor penalty

PCS officers awarded minor penalty

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has sentenced minor penalty on three officers of then MCC PaCCS including Ashir Azeem Gill (BS-19) and Muhammad Iqbal Muneeb (BS-19) for mis-conduct, inefficiency and corruption while Abid Hussain Hakro (BS-18) was posted at MCC Port Qasim.

The competent authority has ordered withholding of promotion of Ashir Azeem Gill for a period of three years with effect from April 05, 2016 while increments of Abid Hussain Hakro and Muhammad Iqbal Muneeb have been held for three years.

Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against these three officers on account of acts of omission and commission, constituting inefficiency, misconduct & corruption by the accused officer in a case whereas 187 containers were fraudulently released from QICT without payment of duty and taxes.

Collector Port Qasim Riffat Abdi, Collector PaCCS Mian Azhar Majeed, Iqbal Muneeb, Ashir Azeem Gil and Abid Hussain Hakro had been suspended then in this case. Riffat Abdi and Mian Azhar Majeed have already been retired.

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