PCA recovers Rs7.2 million against Audit Observations

PCA recovers Rs7.2 million against Audit Observations

KARACHI: The Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Karachi has recovered Rs7.2 million, which was evaded or short paid by various importers through mis-declaration of classification and claiming inadmissible benefit of various concessionary SROs.

On the directives of Director Gul Rehman, PCA conducted scrutiny of import data of many companies and detected evasion. These companies were served Audit Observations for payment of the short paid amount of duty and taxes.

Subsequently, these importers deposited the amount in the government exchequer. Due to this effort of Gul Rehman and PCA,  government’s legitimate revenue to the tune of Rs7.2 million was realized.

The companies who were served Audit Observations and paid the amount include M/s Bin Qasim Packages Pvt Ltd, M/s Huawei Technologies Pakistan, M/s CM Pak Ltd, M/s Reliance Sacks Ltd, M/s Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories, M/s Barrett Hodgson Pakistan and M/s AGP Pvt Ltd.

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