FIA Anti-Corruption lodges FIR against Ahmed Mujtaba Memon

FIA Anti-Corruption lodges FIR against Ahmed Mujtaba Memon Collector MCC Hyderabad

KARACHI: The FIA Anti-corruption circle Karachi has lodged an FIR accusing Ahmed Mujtaba Memon Collector MCC Hyderabad of corruption and various other violations of rules and laws.

According to the FIR, Ahmed Mujtaba Memon accumulated huge immovable and movable properties in his own name and in the name of dependent family members quite disproportionate to his known sources of income.

Investigations found that Memon made huge transactions through many bank accounts open in his name as well as in the names of his family members and in laws.  He is also accused of maintaining foreign currency accounts.

However, Collector MCC Hyderabad did not declare any of these assets in annual declaration of assets form.

Moreover, Memon during his Customs service, Government of Pakistan, Memon travelled abroad on a passport obtained in private without the NOC of FBR, and also obtained Canadian nationality and did not bring it into the knowledge of FBR.

FIA Anti-corruption Circle found that Ahmed Mujtaba Memon purchased properties in Canada and remitted huge sums abroad. Anti-Corruption Circle has lodged an FIR and efforts are underway to arrest the accused officer.

Sources said FIA Anti-Corruption Circle is also investigating the affairs of other officers of customs and Inland Revenue also. It was known that officials and officers of both provincial and federal governments are on the FIA’s radar and more such cases are expected.

It was known that the officials of Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) are also under scrutiny and the authorities are collecting data about SBCA officials such as details of banks accounts in the names of SBCA officials and their family members, properties kept in the name of in-laws and transactions made in past.

Sources said that officials and officers of SBCA assigned jurisdictions in areas where there have been land-grabbing, China-cutting and other violations tops the list. Officers and officials of SBCA who have been posted in such jurisdictions are on the top of lists, as there have been news that money made in this manner was also used in funding militant wings of political parties.

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