KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged two FIRs and arrested two persons for attempting to clear unhygienic foodstuff through submission of forged PPRO certificate.

Consequent upon an information to the effect that certain importers and clearing agents were submitting fake Plant Protection Certificate Release Orders (PPROs) and getting released their unhygienic food stuff/grains consignments.

Collector Appraisement East Majid Yousafani formed a team comprising Additional Collector Irfan Wahid, Principal Appraiser Ibrahim Khan and Appraising Officer Noor Ilahi, Preventive Officers Malak Hashim, Adil Rasheed and Samar.

The profile and clearance record of the importers was checked and PPROs certificates submitted by the importer were sent to Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan, which declared six PPROs submitted by the accused importers, as fake.

It has been established that the importer has knowingly and willfully submitted forged/fake PPRO certificate for clearance of unhygienic foods stuff in violation of Import Policy Order 2013 in force and Customs Act, 1969. FIRs to this effect are lodged accordingly.