KARACHI: Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation Gwadar has served a Seizure Report pertaining to the Tug ‘Sharief Pioneer’ imported by M/s Byco Petroleum. The tug was illegally removed without payment of duty and taxes.

According to details of the case, information through DG l&I FBR, Islamabad was received in the Directorate of Gwadar to the effect that M/S Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limiter illegally removed from Customs Part a tug Boat namely “Sharief Pioneer” without payment of Duty & Taxes and that the same was employed in the Arabian Sea.

A team of the officers/officials of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation Gwadar caught the tud red handedly being used for towing ship MV Sunrise in the Arabian Sea North-West of Churna Island, Balochistan.

M/s Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited had filed a GD in the MCC Gwadar at Gadani and had sought temporary import of the said Tug. As per GD the aforementioned Tug was examined by the staff of MCC Gwadar and duty taxes were assessed at Rs88.8 million. However, M/s Byco neither paid duty taxes nor got the Tug cleared from Customs.

M/s Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited’s claim for concession in Customs duty and taxes was rejected/clarified by the FBR. Reportedly, MCC Gwadar issued Notices to MS Byco for the payment of Duty/Taxes.

The Tug has been detained and notice of detention served upon Muhammad Yasin (Master) of the Tug as well as the Director of M/s Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited with the direction to provide the relevant documents of its legal existence. However, despite lapse of considerable period of time no one appeared or provide the relevant documents, therefore the Tug is seized.

Total four tugs were temporary imported. The first tug imported temporarily completed its contract and left. Second tug broke down and was scrapped in Pakistan. Third tug is operating in the jurisdiction of MCC Gwadar and is facing litigation before the High Court. Shareif Pioneer is the fourth.