KARACHI: During the quarter (Oct-Dec 2015) the Customs Northern region has collected customs duty amounting to Rs5.014 billion against the target of Rs2.719 billion exceeding the given target by 84 percent.

The total tax collection stood at Rs13.61 billion during the reported period against the assigned target of Rs9.089 billion, almost 50 percent excess than the assigned target.

During October-December 2015 Model Customs Collectorate, Islamabad collected Rs2.745 billion Customs Duty against the target of Rs. 1.044 billion, surpassing its target by a hefty margin of 163 percent. The Collectorate also achieved its Sales Tax target with an excess of 123.79 percent as it has collected Rs. 3.948 billion against the target of Rs1.764 billion. Model Customs Collectorate, Islamabad has crossed its targets in Customs duty and Total revenue, owing to major recovery effort (Rs. 4 billion including CD & Sales Tax) which was supported by the Chairman, FBR, Islamabad and Member (Customs).

During Oct-Dec 2015, Model Customs Collectorate, Peshawar, collected Rs. 2.159 billion Customs Duty against the target of Rs1.744 billion, 24 percent above the revenue target.

During Oct-Dec 2015 target for the MCC Sambrial was Rs316.32 million, whereas MCC Sambrial forwarded Rs223.87 million rebate claims.

During Oct-Dec, 2015 Collectorate collected Rs333.24 million Customs Duty against assigned target of Rs247.1 million, 35 percent higher.

An official said posting of reputed officers and strict enforcement against smuggling resulted in higher recoveries.