KARACHI: The Director of Customs Valuation Manzoor Memon has revised the customs values of whey powder and permeate whey powder vide Valuation Ruling No.789/2016.

A reference was received from MCC Quetta for determination of customs values of the above mentioned goods and revision of existing Valuation Ruling in the light of current market price.

Accordingly, the Customs values of whey powder under PCT chapter 04.04 of USA will be $0.61/KG; of Uruguay Argentine is fixed at $0.59/KG, Turkey at $0.57/KG, Poland at $0.62/KG, Ukraine $0.60/KG, China $0.53/KG, Czech Republic $0.67/KG, France $1.54/KG, Iran (land route) $0.48/KG and Iran via sea route at $0.50/KG.

Permeate whey powder of Iran origin will be assessed for duty and taxes at $0.35/KG if imported via sea  and at $0.33/KG if imported via land route.