KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has served a Show Cause Notice (SCN) on M/s Triax Corporation for attempting to evade legitimate duty and taxes through mis-declaring the description and classification of imported goods.

M/s Triax Corporation imported a consignment and sough clearance declaring the goods to be PU Resin from China. GD was processed in the light of test report submitted by the importer that the goods were synthetic PU dissolved in less than 50 percent volatile organic solvent at Customs duty 5.0 percent under PCT 3909.5000. The importer also sought benefit of SRO 1125(I)/2011.

A sample was derived and sent to the laboratory by the Customs. The Laboratory report noted that the goods were synthetic resin polyurethane dissolved more than 50 percent volatile organic solvent approximately 70 percent.

In the light of lab report and findings general notices to customs tariff, the goods were appropriately classifiable under PCT 3208.9090 chargeable to customs duty 20 percent and sales tax 20 percent being commercial importer.

It has been established the importer mis-declared the description and classification and also deceived the authorities by submitting irrelevant test report and tried to hoodwink government revenue to the tune of Rs1.29 million.

Collector Majid Yousafani has advised Deputy Collector Hina Gul and detective officer of the case Principal Appraiser Mir Mansoor to conduct post-release verification of all the consignments of similar products.