KARACHI: There seems to be a desperate attempt made by Mohammad Ali Chandna led cartel to do some damage control. The gang has produced a letter of China-based supplier that the consignments were mistakenly shipped to Pakistan instead of UAE.

It is the same containers lying at port containing banned pharmaceutical raw material instead of chemical as mentioned in the Goods Declaration (GD).

The prime accused of this sheer violations of Rules and Laws Mohammad Ali Chandna is already booked by the authorities and is currently on bail. According to the reported details of the case, the culprits were importing raw material banned under Import Policy order 2013 on highly under-invoiced values mis-declaring the same as chemicals under vague descriptions and inappropriate classifications.

Raw material so fraudulently imported was being supplied to several local as well as multi-national pharmaceutical companies. The Chandna gang was running this dirty business for a long-time and authorities estimate that enormous quantity of banned products were imported and supplied to consumers while the exchequer suffered a loss to the tune of a billion rupees.

Only two containers are lying at the port while the rest were already cleared. The samples of the said cargo were also removed from the laboratory. The case is being investigated for the last over a year a and suddenly a letter from M/s Sunny Pharmachem Company Ltd China appeared that the said containers were mistakenly shipped to Pakistan instead to a client in UAE.

However, the scheme has been designed poorly and would not be able to save Chandna’s skin, sources said as the letter of M/s Sunny Pharmchem Co.,Ltd, China is an afterthought and fake.

The letter dated 5-9-2014 has been brought to surface first time at the level of adjudication whereas the importer remained in custody of this Collectorate for 10-3-2015 to 19-3-2015 but never indicated the impugned letter despite regular investigation.

On visual inspection the letter, telephone digits are found hidden behind the logo that is not possible on genuine letterheads. The shipping companies were asked to provide record of bills of lading issued from China pertaining to the subject shipper but M/s United Marine Agencies (Pvt) Ltd replied that the shipper is not traceable.

A search made through internet does not show existence of the supplier M/s Sunny Pharmchem Co.,Ltd, China.

Furthermore, data of this Collectorate has been searched from 2005 that reflected no shipment from the supplier M/s Sunny pharmchem, China during PaCCS regime however only seven consignments during operation of WEBOC system. Out of those six consignments have been imported in the name of M/s Pure Enterprises and one in the name of M/s Zam Trading Co.

Since import on both the firms relate to Muhammad Ali Chandna of M/s Pure Enterprises therefore the shipper is also appeared arranged by the accused person.

Out of 2 consignments lying at port, a request for examination was made on 12-11-2014 by the clearing agent M/s Suhail Enterprise but he also failed to indicate existence of the impugned letter. Hence, despite lapse of more than one year this letter has appeared.

The MCC Appraisement East has formally written to Embassy of China in Pakistan to confirm the veracity of the said letter suggesting erroneous shipment.