KARACHI: MCC Preventive has served a final notice on M/s Pakistan International Airline (PIA) for the clearance of dues of Rs393.108 million pertaining to wet leased six aircraft released against undertaking.

According to the notice, M/s PIA verbally agreed to pay the remaining payment of government dues by 09.08.2015.

M/s Pakistan International Airline Corporation temporary imported six Aircraft against Wet Lease Agreements. The six aircrafts were released against undertakings furnished by M/s. PIAC without payment of duty and taxes subject to the condition the leviable duty and taxes will be paid within three months from the date of issuance of the undertaking.

M/s. PIAC furnished post dated cheque amount of Rs134.841 million were forwarded to the concerned bank for encashment, the same were dishonoured and returned back.

The notice added that despite lapse of considerable time, M/s PIAC did not made the payments and warned the airline to pay an amount of Rs393.108 million to MCC Preventive. Failing which action would be taken as per law which includes lodging of FIR.