NATO containers

KARACHI: Judge Customs & Taxation Court Justice Syed Faiz Rasool Rashdi ASO MCC Preventive to furnish the complete inventory of goods and containers recovered from two warehouses. These containers along with goods belonged to NATO/ISAF/US Army and were cleared for transit trade to Afghanistan, but the same were pilfered or went missing earlier during transit.

After an FIR lodged against M/s Bilal Associates for being involved in pilferage of NATO/ISAF/ US Army cargo, MCC Preventive raided two warehouses one in Mauripur and one in Bhains Colony Karachi. Consequently, Justice Rashdi formed a team comprising Court Nazir Hisbullah, Superintendent ASO Khalid Masood, SPS Javed Raza, IPS Gulsher and SPOs Tariq Mehmood, Sardar Yousuf and IO Transit Trade Adnan Malik to visit the two warehouses  and prepare the inventory report.

It is known that the team has found 298 containers at bhains colony warehouses and also found spare parts/routers of helicopters, military trucks, and container lifter. It may be mentioned here that a long trench had been dug in front of the warehouse gate so there could be no movement through the gate. It was known that mechanical bridges were used to be installed for entry and exit of trailers.

Around 4,000 containers along with US made generators and other goods were found at Mauripur warehouse. It is suspected that these generators are the same, which were pilfered out of US Army reverse cargo.  Sources said that containers were being cut and scrapped at the warehouses.

Sources said that US Consulate have contacted the Customs authorities in this regard, however details could not be confirmed.

It may be recalled that back in 2013, ASO MCC Preventive raided a warehouse in Quaidabad near Port Qasim and red handed arrested three culprits from the warehouse where culprits had already broken the seal of the container and were trying to break the door. The warehouse was owned by one Capt. Ghulam Mustafa of M/s Water Link company.

At that time US Consulate contacted Customs authorities that FBI team would come and investigate the issue. However, no such team ever arrived, which proves that this pilferage has patronage of some very influential quarters.

It may be recalled that Directorate of Transit Trade lodged FIR against Irfan Afridi, Rehan Afridi, Shahzad Rasool and contravention was served on the focal person of US Consulate looking after transportation of US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo. These were found to have been involved in the pilferage and removal of US Army/NATO/ISAF containers. Fayyaz Rasool is absconding and is reportedly in Dubai. Investigations have found that Rasool had been a frequent traveler to India from Dubai.

It is interesting to note that all these goods and equipment which was stolen or pilfered was insured at highly exaggerated values and Fayyaz Rasool is the beneficiary of these insurance claims.

It is suspected that the entire ring under foreign supervision was involved in funding the terrorist and anti-social elements. Earlier, NGOs were the channel of funding to various groups, but that door is carefully watched. Smuggling is also been used for making money to fund terrorism in Balochistan and anti-social elements.

MCC Preventive sources said the case was in the preliminary stage and inventory was being finalized. After scrutiny of various documents and fulfilling legal formalities FIR to this effect would be lodged.