Custom fails in checking Cement smuggling from Iran

KARACHI: The Cement smuggled into Pakistan from Iran was being sold openly in border areas of Balochistan including Dalbandin, Mandblu etc.

The cement manufactured in Pakistan lost demand as the prices of the smuggled cement is 40 per cent less making the locally manufactured commodity uncompetitive, market sources said adding that Custom authorities have failed to check the smuggling of cement from Iran.

On an average 2000 tons of cement was smuggled into Pakistan, alleged President of All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA).

He said that the local industry would suffer badly as well as users as the quality of cement is not as per local standards. The buyers are preferring the smuggled good for low price compromising safety and quality standards, APCMA president Muhammad Ali Tabba maintained.

He asked the Custom authorities including chairman FBR to take notice of huge racket of smuggling adding that both land and sea routes are being used and cities bordering Iran are full with smuggled cement.

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