Recovery of missing NATO/ISAF containers; investigation team formed

KARACHI: Collector Preventive Tariq Huda has an 11-member team to proceed with the investigations into the case whereas two warehouses were raided and earlier pilfered/missing US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo along with empty containers were recovered.

The team is headed by Assistant Collector Raza Naqvi and comprising of SPS Javed Raza, IPS Khalid Tabbasum and Umer Shah and SPO Rana Javed Iqbal and other officials. Additional Collector Khalid Hussain Jamali would monitor these investigations.

As many as 296 containers recovered from the warehouse in Bhains colony have been examined, of which only three containers were stuffed with military equipment, the rest were empty.

Similarly, 162 containers found at the warehouse in Mauripur Hawksbay Road were empty.

Sources said that the inventory is still being prepared and investigations are underway hence strong possibility of more recoveries from other destinations.

It may be recalled that Directorate of Transit Trade had made the case and lodged the FIR, Director Wajid Ali has also formed a team to coordinate with the Preventive’s investigation. Deputy Collector Shoib Raza and investigation officers (IOs) of the case Jam Akram and Adnan Malik are the team members.

MCC Preventive raided seized two warehouses in Karachi, where the containers of NATO/ISAF/US Army cargo were being scrapped. Moreover, large quantity of military  equipment and parts of military machines.

Both the warehouses one in Bhains Colony and one in Mauripur owned by M/s Bilal Associated have been sealed. Source said scores of containers, which were being used for transportation of NATO/ISAF/US Army reverse cargo were present at these warehouses and the same were being scrapped.

The investigations into the pilferage of US Army/Nato/ISAF cargo in Pakistan have unveiled astonishing as well as alarming aspects, which make it even a sensitive case.

This development raises a big question mark on the claims of Afghan authorities and representatives of USA that none of their containers ever went missing. It is interesting to note that Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Customs has never received even a single complaint that any of US Army/ NATO/ISAF container went missing or was pilfered.

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