SHC summons Additional Director I&I in alleged diesel smuggling case

KARACHI:- An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan on Friday ordered Additional Director, Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) to appear before it on Dec 11.

The order came during hearing of a Special Customs Reference Application (SCRA) filed by one Miraj Gul who challenged the confiscation of Diesel allegedly for being smuggled one.

During the hearing, it was noted by the bench that almost at all stages of controversy, the officials ordered sampling and testing of the seized diesel for establishing that whether it is smuggled one or supplied by local company.

Kashif Nazeer advocate appearing for respondent conceded the fact that Adjudicating Officer as well as Customs Tribunal has held that sampling be done to establish origin of the disputed/confiscated diesel.

The counsel for petition submitted that eight months have passed and going back to the custom authorities would be an exercise in futility. The bench after hearing the sides ordered Additional Director I&I to appear before the court and explain that why orders by the tribunal was not being implemented. The court fixed dec 11 as next date of hearing.

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