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KARACHI: MCC Gwadar in a joint operation with Frontier Constabulary (FC) has seized 1310 KG of high quality ‘charas’ worth Rs78.8 million near Khulkhera in Balochistan and arrested two persons.

The contraband was stuffed in a 20-ft container and was hidden in apple boxes. The container housed 255 apple boxes.

Information was received from Chief Collector Enforcement Zahid Khokhar; Deputy Collector Aftabullah Shah with the assistance of Superintendent Saleem Khokhar supervised the operation. Moreover, 08 dumping stations of smuggled diesel were also raided with  the help of FC.

Collector Gwadar Saeed Akram has formed three teams under the supervision of Additional Collector Junaid Memon to pursue the agenda of anti-smuggling. One of these teams is headed by Deputy Collector Aftabullah Shah ASO Gadani. Deputy Collector Mushtaq Ali Shah is heading the team that would operate in Turbut and Manjgor. Assistant Collector Wahaj Sagheer is heading the team operating in Gwadar.

These three teams would also patrol their jurisdictions and mobile squads have been provided to them while FC will be extending complete support. Moreover, coast Guards and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) would also cooperate.

In the last three months MCC Gwadar has seized 1.3 million liters of smuggled diesel while three cases of liquor seizure were also made.

This anti-smuggling campaign is a part of Zarb-e-Azb and all the agencies and institutions are onboard.

In order to cut the funding lines of terrorists and anti-social groups MCC Quetta, MCC Peshawar and MCC Quetta have been advised to completely eliminate the supply of smuggled goods into the markets. A mega operation against smugglers and smugglings is expected after elections in Karachi.