KARACHI: Sheikh Muhammad Tariq, Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Customs Agents, keeping in view of periodical changes in economic, fiscal and commercial policies unfolding new issues for trade and industry is constituting a Task Force of the standing committee with the objective to prepare suitable, concrete and constructive recommendations after an in-depth study on these issues and disseminate the updated information to facilitate concerned members of trade and industry.

The scope of Task Force will include Seminars/Workshops and Symposiums etc.; Sectoral training programs; Proposal for the Federal & Provincial Governments; TV & radio Talk Shows; Collaborative programs with various educational and training institutes and other matters.

Sheikh has requested all the trade bodies to nominate their members who have insight, expertise and vast experience in espousing the cause of business community in the fields such as Import and Export, Customs Act and law and Procedures, Customs Valuation, Port matters etc), as member of the proposed Task Force up-to 10th December, 2015 along with the proposals and suggestions.