KARACHI:  The government of Pakistan has levied additional customs-duty on import of goods specified in the First Schedule to the said Act at the rate of 1.0 percent of the customs value of such goods.

However, imports under Chapter 31 of First Schedule of the Customs Act, 1969; import of seeds and spores for sowing (PCT 0904.1130, 0904.2120, 1209.0000); Plant and machinery used in manufacture or production of goods as is classifiable under chapter 84 and 85 of the First Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969 are exempt from this additional levy.

Moreover, Imports under PCT 85.17 (excluding PCT 8517.1100, 8517.1210, 8517.1220, 8517.1230, 8517.1290, 8517.1810 & 8517.1890) & 8529.1090 and imports subject to zero percent customs duty under Chapter 99 of the First Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969 or any concessionary notification issued under the said Act except SRO 678(I)/2004 would also be exempt from additional levy.

Imports under Fifth Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969 subject to fulfillment of conditions therein excluding  serial numbers, 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15 of Table to Part III of said Schedule; and imports under SRO.577(I)/2005, under SRO.565(I)/2006 and imports under SRO.568(I)/2014 would also be exempt.