KARACHI:- Hearing a constitution petition filed by an import of glass that came to the court without challenging/questioning the Valuation Ruling (VR), a division bench of High Court of Sindh allowed three days time to the petitioner to question the validity of Valuation Ruling.

The bench comprising Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar earlier heard counsel for petitioner Toberia Glass Company that imports flat sheets from China and other countries. The petitioner maintains that they have sought assessment of their consignment under HS Code 7005.1000 at a unit price of US $ 3.85 per kilogram but Customs is insisting on assessment at unit price of US S 6.74, which is much higher. The bench enquired that whether petitioner has filed application against the valuation ruling before Director VR but the petitioner replied in negative. The bench then graciously with the consent of the counsel for Pakistan Customs allowed three days time to the petitioner to challenge the VR before the Director VR.

The same bench disposed of more than half a dozen identical constitution petitions filed by importers of textile products and items including textile knitted pipe fabric, textile lining material, Polar fleece and flocking fabric etc. The bench directed the custom officials to allow benefit of section 81 of the Customs Act 1969 to them provided they have challenged Valuation Ruling applied by Customs for assessment of imported goods.