KARACHI: Border security agencies, Customs as well as Immigration staff has been alerted as there are reports some wanted elements would be moving illegally to Afghanistan for forward movement to Dubai.

Sources said that there was possibility that some wanted elements including the money laundering accused Ayan Ali might try to move out of the country as she has been indicted by the Court in smuggling of currency case.

Since, Ayan’s passport is the possession of the Court, she can not fly out of the country legally. Sources said in order to avoid arrest and other proceedings in the case, the fashion model might find some way to escape the country.

Sources said that the only way to move out of country illegally was through the Afghanistan and then anywhere else on Afghan passport.

A customs court has indicted fashion model Ayaan Ali for attempting to fly to Dubai with half a million dollars in cash stashed in her luggage.

Under Pakistani laws, no one can carry over $10,000 on a flight, but authorities found $506,800 tucked in her luggage. Ayan was released on bail in July, however her passport stays with the court.

Investigations are proceeding fast and her 42 trips to Dubai in past are also being investigated.