KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has determined the Customs values of unfinished/undyed/unbleached polyester grey fabric vide valuation ruling No. 771/2015.

A valuation regarding Un-finished / Un-dyed / Un-bleached Polyester (Grey) Fabric was issued vide Valuation Ruling No.747/2015.

The said ruling was only for a specific category of grey fabric viz 20 to 27 meters/Kg. Reports were received that this created administrative issues for clearance Collectorates as there were likely chances for mis-declaration of meterage/Kg in addition to the general valuation disputes for the grey fabrics that did not fall in the aforesaid category.

There was also agitation from the trade that revision was necessary owing to downward trend in its prices in international market.

To redress it and especially to do away with the dichotomy, fresh exercise for issuance of Valuation Ruling was initiated.

Accordingly, unfinished/undyed/unbleached polyester grey fabric of China origin under PCT 5407.5100, 5407.6100, 5407.7100, 5407.9110, 5512.1110, 5512.9110, 5512.9920, 5515.1910 and 5515.9910 would be assessed to duty and taxes at the rate of $3.75 per KG.