KARACHI: The Air Freight Unit (AFU) MCC Preventive Karachi has forwarded a case to PCT Classification Committee requesting urgent decision regarding the classification of LED Monitors.

According to details, M/s K.B Sarkar & Co imported a consignment of Interactive LED Display 55″ (3 sets) of Clever Touch brand from UK by claiming HS code 8528.5100 customs duty of 2.0 percent.

The assessment group classified the GD against heading 8528.5900 customs duty of 20 percent as the monitors under question are not of a kind, solely or principally used in an automatic data processing system of heading 8471, as is required by the heading 8525.5100.

The importing firm has contested the classification and is insisting on the classification heading 8528.5100.

According to explanatory notes, PCT 8528.5100 defines monitors which are capable of accepting a signal only from the central processing unit of an automatic data processing machine and are not able to reproduce a color image from a composite video signal and are fitted with connectors characteristic of the data processing system; are controlled by special adaptors and are integrated in the central processing unit of the automatic data processing machine.

PCT 8528.5900 defines monitors, which are received connected directly to the video camera or recorder by means of co-axial cables, so that all the radio-frequency circuits are eliminated. They are used by television companies or for closed-circuit television. These apparatus consist essentially of devices which can generate a point of light and display it on a screen synchronously with the sources signals.

MCC Preventive is of the view that given the level of aspects, the imported goods are correctly classifiable under PCT 8528.5900 and requested the PCT Committee to decide the classification of LED monitors.