KARACHI: The Air Freight Unit (AFU) of MCC Preventive has approached PCT Committee to determine the classification of Charji Evo dual mode mobile hotspot device and Evo 3G Nitro clout model on priority basis.
According to details, M/s Swift Biz Solution (Pvt) Ltd imported two consignments containing MIFI Portable LTE Router and Portable EVDO Router MF820 against PCT 8517.6930 attracting customs duty of 2.0 percent.
These devices are used with Computers, Laptop, Tablets, Mobiles for the connectivity through WiFi cloud with the system for internet by the subscriber. The assessing group is of the view that the proper classification should be 8517.6940 attracting customs duty 10 percent.
Both importer and assessing group are of the view that it is a routing device used as Subscribers End User Equipment. The Routers are classified under 8517.6930 while Subscribers End User Equipment are classified under 8517.6940 as per Pakistan’s Customs Tariff 2015-16.
The importing firm is of the view that technically it is Router thus in the presence of specific heading it is not fair to move forward and the same be classified under heading 8517.6930.
The assessing group is of the view that all subscribers end user equipments are routing devices and some even have modem in it, but basically it is a device used by the end user for connectivity.
In a formal request to the PCT committee for classification of above mentioned goods, AFU has submitted that even if the goods are not classifiable then classify them under the heading appropriate to the goods to which they are most akin and it supports 8517.6940 being akin to the use of goods.