KARACHI: Customs Intelligence Peshawar has seized two containers stuffed with smuggled goods worth hundreds of millions and arrested two persons in a joint operation as part of ongoing campaign against smuggling.
Director Customs Intelligence Peshawar Asghar Khan had this information that there is been a sudden surge in smuggling therefore he advised his team to be even more watchful.
Therefore, in view of information received, Additional Director Ziaullah Shams coordinated with Police chief Peshawar Mubarak Zaib and a team was formed comprising Deputy Director Khayal Mohammad, Senior Intelligence Officer Faiz Mohammad, Intelligence Officer Akmal Shahbaz, SHO Pishtakhara and SHO Chamkali.
The team in two separate operations seized to containers. One of them was found to be containing 11 tons of tea valuing Rs7.7 million. The goods were seized along with trailer and container valuing Rs9.0 million. Driver and cleaner of the vehicle were also arrested.
The other containers which was seized was stuffed with Zen Blue American cigarettes 116 cartons, Cloth 690 bundles (thans), Locks 90 cartons, Baby lotion 63 cartons, LED TVs 19, Microwave oven 34, Spare parts and 100 pairs Lotion Cream-216.
Sources said that smugglers and unscrupulous elements were always waiting for reshuffling at top level bureaucracy in the service as this provided a short window for them to easily serve their ill purposes.
It was also known ‘home delivery’ of smuggled consignments on ‘done basis’ was increased and the rate of transaction also decreased significantly as enforcement is lenient at the moment until new DG I&I take a hold of things.
Whenever there is a such a reshuffling, it takes around a week for things to get settled as there are a lot formalities to complete.
Chief Collector Enforcement South Zahid Khokhar and Collector Preventive Tariq Huda has also alerted ASO in-charge Syed Raza Naqvi in this regard and rigorous action is anticipated in a couple of days.