KARACHI: Directorate of Automation and Reforms has rolled out ‘Multi-model Afghan Transit Trade module in (WeBOC) throughout Pakistan for transit of cargo through railway.
This is a multi-module as the railway would transport the transit cargo till Torkham or Chamman and afterwards it would be transported through trucks.
The roll-out of this railway module was delayed by a year because Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) and Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) were reluctant to implement transit cargo through railways and they did not extend much cooperation in this regard.
The team that prepared this module included Deputy Director Qasim Khokhar and Imtiaz Ahmed Divisional Marketing Manager Pakistan Railways, Naveed Gondal Assistant Controller of Pakistan Railways.
In December 2014, Pakistan Railways proposed the revival of movement of transit traffic from Karachi to Chaman and Peshawar by Railways.
It was further proposed that Pakistan Railways could load two trains per day (100 containers) which can further be enhanced on the demand of importers. Pakistan Railways also ensured that the transit time of 6-7 days for Peshawar and 4-5 days for Chaman.
FBR sources said that depending the capacity of Pakistan Railways FBR plans to shift entire transit cargo to Railways thereby breaking the monopoly of bonded carriers.
Transit through railways will provide an alternative means of transportation of transit cargo. It will also reduce the chances of monopoly of bonded carriers and transporters, which at times go on strikes chocking the ports and blocking the transportation of transit cargo.