KARACHI:- The Chief Collector Customs, Appraisement, South ordered suspension of four companies under section 21 (2) of the Sales Tax Act 1990 on alleged charge of “massive sales Tax evasion”.

These companies include Ahmed Industries, Rayyan Traders, Awan Steel and Widaad Trading Company. According to a letter issued from the office of the Commissioner Inland Revenue , Zone I, RTO II, Audit Unit, these companies were selected for Audit under section 72-B by the FBR. A notice under section 25 of the Sales Tax Act 1990 were issued to these companies separately and sent by courier service to the tax payer at address given in the company profile as they have not declared the paid-up capital or working capital meaning thereby that registered person/company has not got ample resources of financial purchases.

The letter further said that a thorough inquiry is underway but to avoid any loss to exchequer proceedings for blacklisting under the laws have been recommended by the Deputy Commissioner, Inland Revenue Zone-RTO-II K hi.

The letter alleges that registered person/company is involved in the massive evasion of Sales Tax by violating the Sales Tax Act 1990. Being a non-existing unit at given/notified address Sales Tax Registration is suspended until further orders. The separate orders bearing number 1894, 1895, 1896 and 1897 were issued on 27-10-2015 and served upon the companies whose registrations were suspended.

In furtherance of above letters the Chief Collector, Customs Karachi through his letter dated 28-10-2015 communicated the suspension to Collectors of Customs, East, West and Port Qasim.