KARACHI: Customs Intelligence Peshawar and Customs Preventive has arrested the prime accused of the pilferage of transshipment (TP) consignments namely Imran Khan from the Customs Court in a dramatic event.
When the authorities reached the Court to make the arrest a group of over 20 lawyers created chaos like situation and rigorously resisted the arrest of Imran Khan.
Assistant Collector HQ Syed Raza Naqvi on getting aware of the situation promptly dispatched a contingent of Customs Preventive staff. The group of lawyers then tore their own clothes and called the media blaming that the Customs authorities had manhandled them.
Imran Khan has been taken to Peshawar, where he would be presented before Customs Court Peshawar to avail remand.
It may be mentioned here, that in recent past when the Customs authorities reached the Court to arrest one Mohammad Ali Chandna (another accused), the lawyers had planned a similar event to resist Chandna’s arrest. However, the authorities dispatched a large sized party including two deputy collectors hence the lawyers failed to create the scene.
It was learnt that there is a group of lawyers who resist arrest of their clients despite of arrest warrants and even resort to violence.
Customs authorities have condemned such an attitude of lawyers and said that if the enforcement agencies showed the arrest warrants, the lawyers must cooperate which was their obligation.
Imran Khan is wanted in five FIRs lodged by MCC Peshawar and one lodged by MCC Preventive.