KARACHI: The arrested 8 accused persons involved in the export of gold jewelry on fake Form-E and depriving Government of foreign exchange remittance amounting to $214.9 million have been given into jail custody.

The Special court of Customs and Taxation has fixed their hearing for October 29, 2015.

They were arrested by MCC Exports of Port QASIM after cancellation of their interim bail on 7th October 2015 by the Special Judge.

The arrested include Hanif Moosa s/o Umar Moosa; Humayun Moosa s/o Hanif Moosa; Kashan Iqbal s/o Iqbal Moosa; Sajid Abdul Qadir Motiwala S/o Abdul Qadir; Irfan S/o Abdul Aziz; Muhammad Shahid S/o Muhammad; Mann Siddiqui; and Syed Tahir Hussain Jafri.

As many as 5 FIRs have already been lodged against the exporters including M/s. Rubab Corporation ($ 24.3 million); M/s. B.D Enterprises ($ 80.2 million); M/s. Reaz Corporation ($ 62.8 million); 4) M/s. Sani Impex ($ 21.7 million); M/s. Makkah Enterprises ($ 25.9 million).

Five days remand of these 8 accused persons haD been obtained by the Customs authorities.