KARACHI:- Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has raised a number of issues relating to difficulties faced by tax payers in filing Monthly Statement with chairman FBR seeking resolution of the same.

KTBA in a letter dated Oct 08, 2015 appreciated a Circular by Federal Board of Revenue in which FBR considered the problems in filing Withholding Tax Statement. KTBA, however noted that problems persist which include non-secrecy of data as present system facility of filing separate statement of salary of employees is not available. The other issues are mandatory introduction of NTN of employees against previously accepted CNIC’s, categorization of filers and non-filers. It was also pointed out that IRIS system since its implementation is experiencing problem in attaching ‘excel file ‘containing data of tax with held by withholding agent forcing the withholding agent to feed every individual entry into the system which is time consuming. KTBA also showed reservation about non-availability of System revision option, which negates the principle of human error. The chairman FBR was requested to consider the problems and simplify the e-filing system to ensure more revenues for FBR.