KARACHI: The Customs duty collection by Pakistan Customs surged by 0.5 percent to Rs61.413 billion in the quarter (Jul-sep 2015) as compared with the collection of Rs61.051 billion in same period last year due to decline in global commodity prices.

Similarly, Customs duty collection by Pakistan Customs MCC south region surged by 4.35 percent to Rs52.326 billion in 3Q2015 as compared with the collection of Rs50.141 billion in 3Q2014.

Overall sales tax collection at import stage stood at Rs121.179 billion during the quarter under review, down 9.1 percent as against Rs133.4 billion in the same quarter last year. Sales tax collection was the worst hit due to lower oil and petroleum prices.

Appraisement South’s collection of sales tax at import stage stood at Rs100.616 billion, down 11.5 percent as against Rs113.319 collected last year in the similar quarter.

Income tax collected by Pakistan Customs during 3Q2015 stood at Rs36.106 billion as compared with Rs36.448 billion July last year. Appraisement South collected Income tax of Rs31.345 billion in the quarter as against Rs31.764 billion collected in the same quarter last year.

Highest revenue collection in terms of Customs duty came from MCC Appraisement East, which collected Rs15.864 billion followed by MCC Appraisement West collecting Rs15.3 billion and MCC Port Qasim collecting Rs14.164 billion in 3Q2015.

For the quarter 3Q2015, MCC Rawalpindi CD collection stood at Rs628.91 million compared with Rs1.127 billion collected in same period last year; MCC Lahore CD collection stood at Rs5.197 billion (Rs5.865 billion in 3Q2014); MCC Islamabad CD collection Rs267.75 million (Rs418.91 million 3Q2014); MCC Peshawar CD collection Rs1.313 billion (Rs1.253 billion 3Q2014); MCC Multan CD collection Rs1.539 billion (Rs1.716 billion 3Q2014); MCC Hyderabad CD collection Rs296.92 million (Rs183.12 million 3Q2014); MCC Quetta CD collection Rs460.73 million (Rs195.12 million 3Q2014); MCC Karachi preventive CD collection Rs6.027 billion (Rs3.052 billion 3Q2014); MCC Karachi EPZ-Imports CD collection stood at Rs63.5 million (Rs28.13 million 3Q2014); MCC Sialkot CD collection Rs24.05 million (Rs27.08 million 3Q2014) and MCC Faisalabad customs duty collection in 3Q2015 stood at Rs86.28 million compared with Rs500.37 million collected in 3Q2014.