KARACHI: Customs Adjudication has penalized M/s S.K Enterprises for attempting to evade legitimate government revenue through mis-declaring the value of their import consignment of computer parts.

Collector Adjudication Javaid Choudry has ordered confiscation of the consignment, however the importers can redeem the goods on payment of 35 percent redemption fine. A penalty of Rs2.0 million has also been imposed.

According to the details of the case, M/s S.K Enterprises imported a consignment declared to be computer parts and sought clearance. Importers declared the value of goods to be $53,943. The consignment was selected for scrutiny.

Examination found that an invoice of higher value of $365,396 containing the same particulars as of invoice presented at the time of manifestation was found from the consignment.

The value of found invoice is on higher side as compared to invoice presented while filing of GD i.e. $53943. The difference between both the invoices is $311,453 (577.37 percent).

The examination reported that the importers have deliberately and willfully concealed the actual invoice and understated the value with intent to evade the government’s legitimate revenue to the tune of Rs9.756 million against offending value of Rs37.907 million.

After due deliberation, Customs Adjudication was convinced that the importer concealed the original invoice to evade duty and taxes and ordered confiscation of the imported goods. However, an option is given to the importer to redeem goods on payment of redemption fine equal to 35 percent of the value of imported goods, which comes to Rs13.267 million in addition to leviable duty and taxes. A penalty of Rs2.0 million is also imposed on the importer.