KARACHI: The Customs and Taxation Court has acquitted Waqas Shahzada of M/s Creative Traders and Zohaib Ali of M/s Hussain International from the charge that they deposited a bogus post-dated cheque for differential amount of duty and taxes against provisional release of consignments.

According to the details as per FIR, M/s Hussain International and M/s Creative Traders imported  consignments of Ceramic Tiles and filed Goods Declaration through their authorized Customs Clearing Agents for release of the said consignments.

During the process of assessment of the consignment the M/s Hussain International and M/s Creative Traders¬†furnished post dated Cheques in compliance of the High Court’s orders on account of differential amount of duty and taxes amounting to Rs200,782 and Rs973,496 respectively.

Following the order of High Court, the said cheques were deposited for encashment. However, the bank responded that the account against which post dated cheques were issued had been closed.

Sardar Mohammad Ishaque counsel for Zohaib Ali and Waqas Shahzada contended that the said cheque was deposited against anti-dumping duties and not the increased customs duty and taxes of 37.5 percent instead of 25 percent. Increased customs duty taxes had been paid in cash therefore there was no loss to the exchequer.

Prosecutors for the state submitted that the accused gave the cheques at the time of assessment and giving the cheques of a closed account was dishonesty.

Judge Syed Faiz Rasool Rashdi noted that the state prosecution had failed to succeed the guilt of the accused that he submitted the cheque for recovery of customs duty and taxes and giving the benefit of doubt, the court acquitted the accused from the charge.