KARACHI: Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Karachi has served three Audit Observations to M/s Universal Enterprises and advised the company to deposit Rs3.18 million into the exchequer as it was short-paid on the import of “Privac 400ML Operation Theater System Large-Lock Connection” through a number of consignments.

Audit of import data, conducted on the directives of Director Gul Rehman, found that M/s Universal Enterprises, imported Privac 400ML Operation Theater System Large-Lock Connection under PCT heading 9018.3990 through MCC Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi and MCC Appraisement (East), Custom House, Karachi at a unit value Euro 0.3415 and 3.470 per piece from Germany.

The Audit Observation notes that it is evident from the history of the importer that a case of under valuation of the identical item was adjudicated on the basis of invoice found in the container at the time of examination, showing unit value at the rate of Euro 1.0742 per piece and the goods were assessed and cleared by the importers on the found value.

Thus, M/s Universal Enterprises, Karachi were required to pay Custom Duty and other taxes at the ascertained unit value of Euro 1.0742 per piece on the identical item imported.

This has resulted in total short levy of 3.16 million. The importers are directed to deposit the short levied amount in the national exchequer within 10 days with intimation to this office.